MILAN JULY 1st – 3rd, 2021

Dear Colleagues and Partners,

We are glad to invite you to the 2nd European NTM & Bronchiectasis Workshop, held in Milan from July 1st  to July 3rd, 2021.

Following the path opened by its first edition in 2019, this second workshop will give the opportunity to go deeper in the discussion and analysis of the different diagnostic techniques, the role of new drugs and the optimal management of these two important diseases providing a common evidence-based knowledge background to be developed further by participants in their daily practice.

The workshop is conceived to provide to Specialists in Respiratory Medicine, Infectious diseases and Internal Medicine, with evidence-based data on:

  • Physiopathology and etiology
  • Recommendation and real-life case to make the correct diagnosis
  • Available treatments and future perspectives
  • Overall management of the pathology

for Non NTM-PD and Bronchiectasis.

Special attention is also provided to discuss the impact of bronchiectasis and NTM in Cystic Fibrosis management and Lung Transplant contest.

The education contents developed could be of high interest also for other specialists as Microbiologists, Radiologists, Paediatricians, Specialized Nurses and Physiotherapists working with patients attainted by Bronchiectasis or NTM Lung Disease.


The workshop will host 2 calls which give to all the participants different opportunities to became protagonist of the initiative:

  • Submit your Abstract and share your work with Fellow Professionals, Researchers and Key Opinion Leaders.

All the abstracts will be presented and evaluated in the form of Poster during a Strolling Session in front of the forum Chairmen.

  • If you are a young clinician/researcher don’t miss the Rising Stars call: you will have the opportunity to present their valuable work for the first time in front of an International audience, receiving the kind advise of the Chairmen.

Looking forward to meet you in Milan!

Your Sincerely