// Virtual Edition

The 2nd European NTM & Bronchiectasis Workshop will be held in virtual format.

The virtual platform will be accessible to registered participants from June 22nd, 2021 to December 31st, 2021.

Starting from June 22nd, 2021 registered participants will be able to view:

  • On demand keynote lectures
  • Poster Presentations in the E-Poster Lounge

Live sessions will take place from June, 30th to July, 3rd. Please check the programme for further details on dates and time.

The Meet the Professors courses, available to those who have pre-registrered and paid, will take place on June, 30th.

Live sessions will be recorded and will be available on the virtual platform after the Live to all registered participants. As mentioned above, the Virtual Platform will remain open from July 22nd,  to December 31st, 2021

// Personal Credentials

To access the 2nd European NTM & Bronchiectasis Workshop Virtual Platform, please use the credentials you received while registering (also reported in the confirmation letter received from the Organising Secretariat ).

Credentials are strictly personal and you should not share them with colleagues.

Free name changes are always possible by sending a request in written to ntmbronchiectasis@publicreations.com

Please note that each set of credentials provides ONLY ONE SIMULTANEOUS ACCESS to the platform.

* Name changes are guaranteed before June 29th,  and could be delayed if requested during the days of the live.

// Personal Data

If you have accepted to be listed in the Participants List the following data will be visible to other participants.

– Picture (if provided)

– Surname Name

– Role

– Department

– Institution / Company and address

– Telephone

– Email

– Website

NB: The mobile phone is for the Organising Secretariat internal use only, it will not be published.

At any moment you can access from the Virtual Platform the page « My Profile » and change the authorisation status.

Please note that if you do not provide authorisation to share your data with the other registered participants you cannot access the data of other participants.

// Access Control

Some contents are dedicated to Healthcare Professionals and cannot be accessed by other professionals.

Healthcare Professionals and Pharma Company staff members may access all the contents of the platform.

Patient Associations Representatives may access all the content of the platform with the exception of promotional contents by Pharma Companies.

Only Speakers can access the “Speakers’ Ready Room”.

Only Poster Presenters and Speakers can access the “Poster Presenters’ Ready Room”.

// Speakers’ Ready Room

The Speakers’ Ready Room will be accessible every day from half an hour before the beginning to the end of the live programme.

More precisely it will be available as follows:

June, 30th – From 11:30 to 16:30 (CET Time)

July, 1st – From 12:00 to 17:00 (CET Time)

July, 2nd – From 12:00 to 16:30 ( CET Time)

July, 3rd – From 13:00 to 16:00 ( CET Time)

// Poster Presenters’ Ready Room & Posters sessions

The Poster Session will take place on July, 1st at 15.40 (CET).

Poster presenters and speakers can access the Poster Presenters’ Ready Room starting from 30 minutes before the beginning of the poster session.

Each Poster presentation should not exceed 5 minutes.

The best Poster will receive the 2nd European NTM & Bronchiectasis Workshop Poster Award. Winners will be announced during the Closing remarks on July, 3rd at 15:30 (CET).

Poster Award winner will be acknowledged on the workshop website and will benefit from the a free registration to the 5th World Bronchiectasis (& NTM) Conference.

// Live question chats and live pool

The participation to live question chats and live pools during the live sessions is facultative.

Networking Opportunities

In the Networking Lounge you can see who is connected at any moment and chat with other participants (general chat of the congress).

Furthermore, accessing the participants list you may download the virtual “Business Card” of other registered participants who have authorised, as yourself, to share their data. The Business Card includes e-mail and phone number to start, eventually, a personal conversation.

Also the side bar offers you the possibility to see who is online in each moment and eventually ask for a video call (private and encrypted). Please note that the person you call can refuse the call.

// Presence control

The virtual platform allows the Congress Secretariat to follow the path done by each participant within the platform.

These data are strictly confidential and will be used only for:

  • Issuing a Certificate of Attendance only to attendees effectively present during the days of the live congress
  • Issuing CME Credits Certificate to attendees who have effectively followed the sessions.

// Certificate of Attendance

The certificate of attendance will be downloadable from the virtual platform accessible from  the workshop website at  https://www.ntmbronchiectasis.org/ using the personal log-in credentials, starting from June, 5th 2021.

For Sponsored Groups: Please note that in order to provide the certificate of attendance to each participant, we will need the personal e-mail address.

The Certificate of attendance will only be delivered to those having attended the Conference.

// CME Accreditation

2nd European NTM & Bronchiectasis Workshop( June, 30th – July, 3rd) has been granted 10 European CME credits by the European Board for Accreditation in Pneumology (EBAP) and 10 CME credits (ECMEC®s) by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME®)

The Credits Certificate will be delivered only to those having attended the Conference.

To download your certificate please log the virtual platform accessible from  the workshop website at  https://www.ntmbronchiectasis.org/ using the personal log-in credentials, starting from June, 5th 2021.

CME Credits certificates are downloadable up to January 11th. After this date, in order to comply with the reporting deadline of UEMS, the CME Credits will no longer be downloadable.

For Sponsored Groups: Please note that in order to provide the CME certificate to each participant, we will need their personal e-mail address.

// Language

The official language of the Conference is English. No simultaneous translation will be provided.